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12GENDR - Unit 3 & 4: Home

A selection of support materials for Unit 3 & 4


The Drama ATAR course focuses on drama in practice and aesthetic understanding as students integrate their knowledge and skills. They engage in drama processes such as improvisation, play building, text interpretation, playwriting and dramaturgy. This allows them to create original drama and interpret a range of texts written or devised by others by adapting the theoretical approaches of drama practitioners like Stanislavski and Brecht. Students’ work in this course includes production and design aspects involving directing, scenography, costumes, props, promotional materials, and sound and lighting. Increasingly, students use new technologies, such as digital sound and multimedia. They present drama to make meaning for a range of audiences and adapt their drama to suit different performance settings. The focus in this course is on both individual and ensemble performance, as well as the roles of actor, director, scenographer, lighting designer, sound designer, costume designer and dramaturge.

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