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7HI6 T3 Ancient China: Home

The Silk Road

Ancient China Task

Evaluate how successful was Ancient China?  Respond to this question by examining some of the major features of Ancient China.

Complete a OneNote investigation on this question. Using your findings you are to produce a research essay of 700 - 1000 (absolute maximum) words typed in Word.  

You must explore the compulsory topic:


The Silk Road

You may  choose one other topic from this list (if you have another topic not on the list you must check it with your teacher first). You may choose to do a second if time permits:


   Ancient Chinese Inventions


   Ancient Chinese Health and Medicine


   Ancient Chinese Music and Instruments


   Ancient Chinese Monuments (one monument: The Great Wall of    China, Qin Shi Huangdi's tomb or another of student's own choice)

Non Fiction Print

Online Encyclopedias

Forrest Catalogue

Reference Generator

One-stop Search

Research databases
Limit Your Results
Google Web Search



Click on this Silk Road Map

On this website you can see the map above in detail and find out information about the Silk Road. 


Mixed Media

Silk Road Test Quiz