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Bamboo People

Myanmar (Burma) & Karenni

"To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee: Quote

Author - Mitali Perkins

Character Journey & Evolution

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"Mother manages a smile. "The boy wants to leave, Ah-Ma." My mother is always proper, never forgetting to address Daw Widow as her older sister. "He wants to prove something, I think. That he can be as brave as Joon was - is, I mean."

"The Captain grabs my collar. "You! Thinking you're better than other people. You prideful, arrogant-"

"Take me with you instead of Tai," I say again, twisting from his grip. "The training exercises have paid off; I'm much stronger than I was a few months ago." (p.g. 124)


"I watch in amazement as Peh washes the wound, applies ointment, and ties a tourniquet around the soldier's thigh. Then he wraps the leg with bandages to staunch the bleeding. Finally he rises. Finally he rises. He places his fingers on the soldier's wrist. "He might still live".

"He's Burmese," I say, the frustration ringing in my voice. Why are we helping him, Peh?"

"He's hurt badly. the animals will tear him to pieces tonight".

"then we should end his pain now", I say handing Peh one of the rifles. "It's loaded. I checked." (p.g. 148)

"It's time to act - time to grow up and become a man. A man of Karenni". (p.g. 151)

"Peh places both hands on my shoulder. I try not to show my surprise, but we both know that fathers only do this once in a son's lifetime. we stand face-to-face for a long moment. "One decision leads to another, my son. God will show you the way." (p.g. 153)

"Slowly the old man turns to face the crowd. "As you've heard already, this soldier is a boy, forced info the army against his will. Now he's suffered the loss of his leg. Doesn't God command us to defend all who are weak, my dear friend, not just those who speak our Karenni language? We must think carefully about how we treat this young stranger. If we give way to hatred, we won't be any better than our enemies. I could no longer call myself a Karenni if we killed him". (p.g. 242).

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