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9AM Creation Mythology: Prometheus: beDefinite

Ancient Mythology

Be Definite

Be Definite Explanation


Define the task:

  • Reread your task sheet
  • Highlight the keywords and phrases
  • Identify content and instructional words
  • Record Due Date in your diary

Explore your topic:

  • Identify the specific aspects of this topic that you are going to investigate
  • Warm up your brain to this topic eg. brainstorm, scan books, play games, look at images, etc.
  • What don't I know? What do I need to know to answer my focus questions?
  • Refine your investigation focus if necessary
  • Do you need a Research Planner?

Find your resources:

  • Which resources do you think will be most useful?
  • Where do you think you will find the answers to your questions?
  • Aim for a variety of resources eg. encyclopedias, information books, web pages, etc.

Inspect and select:

  • Check the Contents and Index pages of books
  • Scan the relevant pages in the resource for your keywords/synonyms
  • Read the sentence or paragraph that contains the keyword(s)
  • Does this resources provide useful information? If not, then move onto another or seek suggestions from a teacher

Note make:

  • Choose an appropriate note making format
  • Check Hale's collection of  Learning Scaffolds
  • Choose one that suits your tak and learning style
  • Use keywords and phrases to avoid plagiarism

Investigate readiness:

  • Organize your information
  • How can you combine information from difference sources?
  • Which facts are important? Which facts are not needed?

Translate your notes:

  • Revisit your focus questions (brainstorm?)
  • Do you have enough knowledge to speak as an authority?
  • Draft your response

Evaluate the process:

  • What did you learn from this unit?
  • Ask yourself-
    • How well did I complete each "DEFINITE" stage?
    • Which stages were easy?
    • Which ones did I avoid or ignore?


Prometheus Images