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8EN - Picture Book Creation: Finding Inspiration

Create your own picture book narrative based on an issue of sustainability, including illustrations hand drawn or computer generated. The story requires between 750-1000 words with supporting images, graphics and design elements to engage readers.


Tell the story of this sign being put up and why.

Headline - "Farmers opposing genetically modified crops call to protect WA legislation"

Tell us why this farmer might object to GM crops.

Headline - "Hurdles to prevent access to genetically modified crops spur WA grain farmers to start pro-GM group"

Imagine you are this farmer who plans to grow GM wheat.

Headline - "Why would Australia want to grow genetically modified wheat?"


Why are these men mining mud?

Headline - "Indigenous rangers mud sampling at Roebuck Bay"

Tell the story of one of these ranger's first day at work.

Headline - "Indigenous rangers tackle the Kimberley's feral pig problem"