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9ECB - Globalization: Padlet


Mixed media - YouTube

Mixed media - YoutUbe

Group Padlet creation & privacy suggestions

The aim is to create 1 group Padlet page with a persuasive paragraph from each role responding to the question "Can we be globally responsible consumers?".


  1. CEO (Role 2)  register and remake this Padlet
  2. Tick the Copy design and Copy posts boxes
  3. Set to Private and add your group members and your teacher as contributors 
  4. They should receive an email invitation but they can work on their draft paragraph while you get this done
  5. This will be your group Padlet for your team findings. Each person is responsible for adding their persuasive paragraph by the DUE DATE 
  6. Experiment with the design of your page and its layout. You could add links to web pages, images, reports, video all supporting your position to the question "Can we be globally responsible consumers?"