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9RE T4- Reading Enrichment: Home

Term 4

Reading Genres

Term 4


This term you are required to read fiction books from a variety of different genres:

Fantasy; Science Fiction; Dystopian ; Contemporary ; Historical ; Crime ; Mystery & Suspense; Humour; Horror; Adventure & Survival; Steampunk; Sport; Relationships; Family; War; Classics

In Week’s 1-4 your Reading Enrichments sessions will be dedicated to sustained reading in order to prepare for the Reading Activity.

The Reading Activity presentation will take place in Week’s 5 & 6, where you'll come to the Reading session prepared to answer a question based on the book you have read in an enlightening and comprehensive manner.

The questions are available for you to view and prepare a 2-3 min oral response in the Reading Activity tab.

You will be presenting in front of the class and your teachers.


Forrest Catalogue

Search for book titles, favourite authors, series and genres here.

Book Reviews Website

Fiction Book Genres

Reading Survey

Where to now?

During Term 4, your Reading Enrichment teacher will be conducting informal, one-on-one conversations, with each student in the class to ascertain how your personal reading has developed, expanded and progressed over the year and to discuss what genres, books and authors that you have enjoyed reading.

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