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7EN - T1 - Titanic: Mighty Mountains

Create a multi-modal piece that provides an account of an historical event

Mount Everest - Hall and Fischer - Nepal - 1996

Eight climbers die on Mount Everest during a storm on this day in 1996. It was the worst loss of life ever on the mountain on a single day. 

Presentation suggestions:

  • Create a virtual museum of artefacts from this fatal day including video and audio explanations for each
  • Design a diary recording the events of that fateful day from the viewpoint of one of the climbers. Include drawings, photos, maps etc.
  • Design a large colourful poster of the ascent highlights including actual photos and quotes from the climbers

Lincoln Hall - Left For Dead

Lincoln Hall had been 'left for dead' by another expedition team the previous day at around 8600 metres on Everest after collapsing and failing to respond to treatment on the descent from the summit. Even though he was 'left for dead' he survived when 2 climbers refused to pass him by.


Presentation suggestions:

  • Pretend to interview 2 climbers who walked past Lincoln Hall and then Dan Masur who rescued the fallen climber and even Sir Edmund Hillary. Include audience sound effects, opening music etc.
  • Create a pretend film trailer for this amazing tale including sweeping vistas from the mountains, epic music, voice over narrator, plot summary, close ups, sound fx etc. Release date and likely actors who would play the main characters of this story. Animoto is a web tool that allows you to create a quick video with music and interesting transitions.

Sir Edmund Hillary - First Man to Conquer Mount Everest

New Zealand explorer, mountaineer and philanthropist Sir Edmund Percival Hillary was part of the ninth British expedition to Everest led by John Hunt, and became the first of the climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest, with Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay.

Presentation suggestions:

  • Create a ThingLink where you can upload an image of their journey up the mountain and add tags of information, video snippets and links
  • Record a podcast (Podomatic) debating who should really be given the title "The First Man to Reach the Summit of Mount Everest". Include facts and real opinions.