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7EN - T1 - Titanic: Lost and Found

Create a multi-modal piece that provides an account of an historical event

Cattle Dog Survives Lost at Sea

This cattle dog from Australia, became the latest legendary castaway when she fell overboard during a family yachting trip in November 2008. Not only did the four-year-old swim through five miles of shark infested waters to a nearby island off Queensland, but she then learned to hunt the local goats and koalas to live until her family finally tracked her down.

Presentation suggestions:

  • Create a comic strip retelling the adventures and survival of Sophie Tucker, the cattle dog. For example use BitStrips or  Pixton
  • Use PowerPoint to create a simple picture book retelling of this story from Sophie's point of view. Convert your PPT to a pdf and you could upload it to FlipSnack which can host your picture book as a flipping page online book
  • Prepare a script for this story as if it was a play and perform it with the help of some other class mates

Lost and Found in Shangri-Lan

After a plane crash during the final days of World War II killed 21 passengers, including one local man, a remarkable rescue mission was hatched to recover the three survivors. How were they eventually rescued? They built a rescue glider.

Presentation suggestions:

  • Create a "Top Secret" documents folder explaining the events leading up to the eventual rescue of the survivors. Make it look real with old looking typewriter fonts, government stamps, scrawled handwritten notes in the margins etc. Newspaper cuttings, pilot logs, flight plans etc. Blue prints of glider etc.
  • Create a board game where various real decisions and rescue strategies are included. For example a Snakes and Ladders game where all the good decisions helped these people survive and eventually be rescued. All the bad events held them trapped a little bit longer. (YouTube video - Making Snakes and Ladders Game Using Excel

HMS Beagle

The remains of Beagle are found in mud in an abandoned port in England. HMS Beagle is the ship that Darwin lived on for 5 years  and was used ofr his scientific expeditions all over the world. 

Presentation suggestions:

  • Produce an interactive map including a variety of artifacts and actual documents. Add audio recordings for each explaining their importance to the findings of Darwin. Zaption allows you to add content to a video at important parts
  • Retell major milestones of this famous craft from the viewpoint of successive ship's cats. For example you could create a simple comic using BitStrips or  Pixton