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7EN - T1 - Titanic: Stowed Away

Create a multi-modal piece that provides an account of an historical event

McKinley Ships Himself From New York to Texas

Charles McKinley had a problem. He lived in New York City  but wanted to visit his parents in De Soto, Texas. Solution: mail himself to his parents' house! WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS!

The Man Who Stowed Away on a Zeppelin

The title of world's first aerial stowaway belongs to 19-year-old Clarence Terhune who, on October 29, 1928, hitched a free ride aboard the Graf Zeppelin on its maiden flight as it returned from Lakehurst, USA to Germany.

Presentation suggestions:

  • Record a pretend conversation between Clarence and the arresting officers. Explain his adventures and reasoning. Reflect the officers' opinions.
  • Create a simple movie trailer as if Clarence's adventures were coming as a blockbuster. Include plot summary, epic music, real footage, scrolling text etc.

Cane Toad Stowaways

Four toxic cane toads were found in a truck carrying sandalwood at a Perth freight depot only last year. One female toad can lay up to 30,000 eggs. That's a lot of baby cane toads in your back yard.

Presentation suggestions:

  • Some argue that the arrival of cane toads to Perth is inevitable. Prepare a radio play highlighting a discussion with you as an adult and your future child. What would you say to them explaining why they have to live with cane toads now. What questions would they ask about Perth without this toxic pest and their opinions about whether we were doing enough in 2016 to prevent this happening?
  • Record a pretend interview with a small panel including a parks and wildlife ranger, the truck driver, a SW farmer and a politician. Include actual quotes and facts