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Canberra Tour - Hale Middle School: Home

Pre-tour research assignment


To celebrate the service of our Old Haleians and add value to your Canberra tour you are being asked to prepare a well-designed and informative A3 poster for a specific individual from Hale's Memorial Grove.


  1. Collect the name of the individual you will research
  2. Take a photograph of their Memorial Grove plaque to include on your poster
  3. Using the suggested links on this LibGuide prepare simple bullet-point notes (Note making sheet below)
  4. Collect 3 relevant images for use on your poster
  5. Using your notes add relevant information to your poster (Template provided below)
  6. Insert 3 correctly formatted citations demonstrating a variety of information resources


  • Birth and death details
  • Education and early life
  • Timeline of important dates and major achievements
  • Military service
  • Theatre of operations
  • War Memorial location

TEMPLATES (See below):

  • Note-making sheet (Word)
  • A3 Poster (Publisher)

Visual Summary of Task:

Not quite sure what you have to do? Click here for a quick visual summary of the task outlining research headings, steps and presentation expectations.

Australian War Memorial - Mixed Media

Suggested Information Books:

Forrest Library has copies of these resources which will be useful. Consider scanning or photocopying relevant information as these resources will only be available for overnight loan.

Veldt to Vietnam (Haleians at War)

by W.J.Edgar (1994)

There are over one hundred personal stories from this microcosm of Australian society. Each is different from others, but the common thread is their old School which loomed large in their minds. Those thoughts sustained them and helped, eventually, to bring most of them home.

CALL NO.: 994.04 EDG

From Slate To Cyberspace: Hale School 150 Years

by Bill Edgar

CALL NO.: 371.02 EDG

Directory of Old Haleians


National Archives of Australia:

National Archives of Australia holds Army, Navy and Air Force service records, which include service during World War I and World War II.

The easiest way to find a service record is to conduct a basic search using our RecordSearch database. You may find relevant records by entering the person's surname and service number into a basic search. You can find a person's service number by searching the relevant nominal rolls.

Wikipedia - List of Old Haleians:

This is a List of Old Haleians, they being notable former students of Hale School, an Anglican Church school presently located in Wembley Downs, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia.

Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial can help track down information about Old Haleians who served in any of the conflicts in which Australia has been involved since the 1860s.

Use their Search For A Person to find your old Haleian.

The History of Hale School and its Old Boys

The History of Hale School and its Old Boys eMagazine produced by the Old Boys - Old Haleians Association.

Australian Dictionary of Biography:

The Australian Dictionary of Biography is Australia's dictionary of national biography. In it you will find concise, informative and fascinating descriptions of the lives of significant and representative persons in Australian history.


It is important you show your teacher you used a variety of reliable resources. Use the online Reference Generator available through the Portal to create your citations. Make sure you alphabetically sort them afterwards.

A sample bibliography for 3 resources provided on this page would look like:

Edgar, W 1994, Veldt to Vietnam: Haleians at War, Old Haleians' Association, Perth

List of Old Haleians2015, in Wikipedia, accessed 10 March 2016, <>. 

Veterans' Affairs n.d.Australian War MemorialAustralian Government, accessed 10 March 2016, <>.