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Year 7 HASS Geography: LIVEABILITY

Humanities & Social Sciences

EIU Liveability Report Summary 2016

The continuing weakening of global stability scores has been made uncomfortably apparent by a number of high-profile incidents that have not shown any signs of slowing in recent years. Violent acts of terrorism have been reported in many countries, including Turkey, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, France, Belgium and the US. 

Case studies





Liveability Index Overview


Numbeo is the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide. Numbeo provides current and timely information on world living conditions including cost of living, housing indicators, health care, traffic, crime and pollution.


Worldshapin: Compare countries through their shape. Worldshapin is a tool to visualize the interplay between sustainability and human development. It forms a unique picture of the world through shapes which are easy to understand and interesting and unique to look at. 

YouTube video - Liveability 2016: Introduction

YouTube - Most Liveable Cities

The Least Liveable Cities in the World

The "Misery Index" Reveals the Worst Countries to Live In

The 'Misery Index' Reveals the Worst Countries to Live In: How do you decide whether a country is the worst to live in? The question is rather subjective, so, to help people gain insight into the living conditions of different countries, research studies have created an index of misery using a combination of real measurable data.

Liveability Survey

How would your neighborhood rate with this survey?


What makes a suburb liveable?

These indicators are features of a suburb that can affect residents’ quality of life and are therefore used in this case to quantify a suburb’s liveability. Some of the indicators used in this study, such as green space and access to transport, are commonly accepted as measurements of liveability, while some of the indicators, like river views, freeway access and proximity to the beach, are unique to Perth.

Suggested articles

  • Infrastructure key to Perth maintaining world-best liveability rating: For the second successive year, Perth has come in ninth place on the Economist Intelligence Unit survey of the world's 140 most liveable cities.
  • The world's most liveable cities:  A ranking released on August 18th by our corporate cousin, the Economist Intelligence Unit, attempts instead to quantify the world’s most “liveable” cities—that is, which locations around the world provide the best or the worst living conditions. The index, measured out of 100, considers 30 factors related to safety, health care, educational resources, infrastructure and the environment to calculate scores for 140 cities.


Where's the best place to live?

ABC Splash - Where's the best place to live? - This collection of media resources focuses on the liveability of places, particularly cities. But what makes one place ‘more liveable' than the next? Find out about the factors that influence the liveability of different places and what can be done to improve the liveability of our urban environments.

An 8-city perspective on health and well-being

This special report attempts to visualize the feeling of health and well-being of people in 8 major global cities. What is important for them? How did the feeling of health and well-being develop over the past 5 years? How satisfied are they with the community they live in? And what does their ideal community look like?

Jeff Speck - The walkable city

How do we solve the problem of the suburbs? Urbanist Jeff Speck shows how we can free ourselves from dependence on the car — which he calls "a gas-belching, time-wasting, life-threatening prosthetic device" — by making our cities more walkable and more pleasant for more people.


Use the Walk Score API to get the Walk Score, Transit Score and for the first time ever, Bike Score for any location. This site is aimed at helping people find walkable places to live with easy access to the people and places they love. assigns areas a score of 1 to 100, with 100 being the most walkable. Northbridge with 95 is ahead of Perth (89), Highgate (87), East Perth (87), West Perth (87) and Subiaco (86). article Perth Do you live in Perth's most walkable suburbs?

Walkable Urbanism

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Walkable Urbanism on the Rise

Walkable Urbanism on the Rise
Infographic by CustomMade