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8HCC - TERM 1: Significance of individuals

Term 1 - Democracy in action, Australian identity, law in action, history overview and the significance of individuals

Featured books

Feudal System During the Middle Ages

The Normans

This programme studies the Normans, covering historical landmarks such as the Battle of Hastings,the creation of the exchequer,Thomas Becket's murder,the Crusades and the signing of the Magna Carta.

Animated Bayeux Tapestry

Online encyclopaedias

Online encyclopaedias are great for short, concise and correct information. It is best to access these articles by opening the Online encyclopaedias page on the portal and then searching for the article you are interested in.

  • Variety of reading levels
  • Quality resources including text, images, videos and ‘Web’s Best Sites’
  • Read aloud facility
  • Size your font up or down
  • Ready-made citation

  • Easy-to-understand articles
  • Built-in research tool
  • Text-to-speech tool can read aloud


Suggested articles include:

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The Feudal System:

After the death of Edward the Confessor, there was a bloody four-way battle for the throne. Discover how William the Conqueror defeated the last of the Viking kings, and one of the richest men in England, in order to seize the throne and all of England’s wealth for the Normans. This clip explores the impact this had on the power structure and political system of Medieval England.

Battlefield detectives: who got lucky at Hastings? 

The Battle of Hastings in 1066 is the most famous battle ever fought on English soil.  William of Normandy and King Harold were very different leaders.  Was William a better General as has been the belief since his resounding victory over the English?  Historians using an array of techniques investigate what really happened

William the Conqueror

Reference Generator

It is important to provide evidence of using a variety of reliable resources. Use the online Reference Generator available through the Portal to create your citations. Make sure you alphabetically sort them afterwards.

A sample bibliography for 3 resources suggested on these pages would look like:

Battle of Hastings 2018. Britannica School. Retrieved 20 March 2018, from

Chrisp, P 1996, The Norman Conquest, Wayland, Hove.

Potion Pictures 2009, The Animated Bayeux Tapestry, online video, 21 September, accessed 20 March 2018, <>.