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7HCC - Historical Inquiry - A Significant Event: Book Resources

Book Resources

Note Making Template

Check with your teacher as to their expectations about note making. Here is a note making template that may help you get organized.

Note Making

Structure Notes

  • Must be expressed in your own word, except some acknowledged quotation marks “  ”. ​(do not cut/paste then simply change or delete words).
  • Plagiarized structured notes may be penalized.
  • Use subheadings to organize notes.
  • Bullet points for notes.
  • Quality of notes (detailed, relevance, written in a concise manner).
  • Quantity of notes (substantial and without repetition).
  • Relevant and specific historical knowledge concerning all the topics covered in the task sheet.
  • Understanding and use of historical concepts such as cause, change and continuity (terminology is used).
  • Structured notes (not raw) copied into another word document and submitted to turn-it-in with source analysis.

Reference Generator

The reference generator will auto-generate the correct formatting for your bibliography depending on your chosen style. At Hale we use the Harvard Reference Style.

Olympic Games Ancient Greece

Battle of Thermopylae

Socrates Trial

Golden Age

Athenian Plague

First Olympic Games