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The best poems of the English language : from Chaucer through Frost

Bloom includes extensive introductions to each poet and to many of the individual poems. More than any other anthology, this book provides readers who desire the pleasures of sublime art with nearly everything they need in a single volume.

Poems from the First World War

Collection of poems written by soldiers, nurses, mothers, sweethearts and family and friends who experienced WWI from different standpoints. It records the early excitement and patriotism, the bravery, friendship and loyalty of the soldiers, and the heartbreak, disillusionment and regret as the war went on to damage a generation. It includes poems from Wilfred Owen, Rupert Brooke, Vera Brittain, Eleanor Farjeon, Edward Thomas, Laurence Binyon, John McCrae, Siegfried Sassoon and many more. 

A poke in the I

The words in a concrete poem may wriggle about, curve around or hurtle down the page, but they always startle and delight the eye. Here are thirty such visual poems, in which the arrangement of letters and words, choice of typeface and use of space add extra meaning to the text.

The great modern poets

The Great Modern Poets is the perfect introduction to twentieth and twenty-first century poets and their best poetry. Over 100 complete and unabridged poems are accompanied by a concise text that provides insight, observations and a historical context for each poet and their work. This is a wonderful collection of poems featuring both classic and contemporary works.

The Harvill book of twentieth-century poetry in English

Michael Schmidt's anthology includes the work of more than a hundred poets from every part of the English-speaking world. What links their diverse voices is a common language- each poem, in its own way, adds to the resources of the medium and makes it new. The poems in this book are allowed to slip free of their moorings in the biography and history of the last century to create new spaces and times. They have been chosen because they are exceptional, profound and unique in what they do to language, regardless of their subject matter or the orientation of the poet.

The Times book of English verse

The most comprehensive survey of English Verse available, covering seven centuries, from Chaucer to Heaney, and including longer poems -- such as Paradise Lost and The Prelude -- in their entirety. Seven centuries of English Verse, attractively laid out and lightly annotated: from anonymous medieval lyrics to the finest contemporary poets, and also embracing ballads, dialect poems and important translations.

80 great poems : from Chaucer to now

A new and particularly Australian look at the canon of great poets in English going back as far as Chaucer. A collection of poets living and long dead whose poems are remembered, celebrated and studied, the book is an exciting companion to seven centuries of poetry in English. Each poet is represented by one key poem that appears alongside an informative essay written with the flair and insight of a poet.

The Oxford book of modern Australian verse

Australia has produced many fine poets over the past half-century, and in this new anthology the noted Australian poet Peter Porter has compiled a strikingly original and impartial collection of modern Australian verse commencing in 1945. Almost 130 poets are represented - from the vaunted generation of R. D. Fitzgerald, A. D. Hope, and Elizabeth Riddell, to young emerging poets of the calibre of John Kinsella, Lisa Jacobson, and Judith Bishop.

Inside Black Australia : an anthology of Aboriginal poetry

From the campfires and 'reserves' of the desert, from riverbeds and prison cells, from universities and urban ghettoes come the inside voices of Australia. These are tough poems that resist the silence of genocide and the destruction of culture. The collection is an angry call for justice and the restoration of the land and the Dreaming. The Aboriginal lives glimpsed give white Australians a hint of the deep possibilities of belonging in this land.

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Here are all of our favorite episodes of The Slowdown about nature, hope, kindness and more. Listen and take a moment to slow down. You can listen to the playlist on Spotify here or you can listen to the episodes on this page! Follow the links to see the full text of each poem.

Poem videos from Poetry Foundation: Short films featuring contemporary and classic poems for all ages.

Welcome to Classic Poetry Aloud, a podcast series for some of the greatest poetry in English. The catalogue currently includes over 300 poems by over 80 poets. Search by poetby theme, or by using the search box to the right. For example:

Spotify has a large collection of poems for your enjoyment. These are some suggested playlists:

Not audio but a collection of poems that will help you explore the magic of words from Poetry Foundation. 


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