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Forrest Library 101: Home

Overview of library services and resources

Am I a member?

You may already be on our system!

If not, just ask and it will take 2 minutes to join you. To borrow items, bring them to the front issue desk. NB: Your family members are also welcome to borrow from our fiction collections.

What do you have?:

Take time to browse the catalogue and the drop down Library menu on the Portal. Please email Beth Geddes with any purchase suggestions you would like for consideration.



Information books Encyclopaedias
Senior fiction LibGuides
Young adult fiction WebLinks
Picture books Databases 
Graphic novels eBooks
Magazines ClickView videos
Audiobooks Digital audiobooks 
DVDs NoveList Reader's Advisory 
Biographies Reference Generator

Use general search terms. You can also choose the option of "Search other sources" and Oliver will search through a variety of resources. Choosing the "Advanced search" will allow you to limit to specific formats or collections e.g. Non-fiction narrative. Both of these options are right next to the search box:

Who can I ask for help?

Beth is the Head of Library. Please contact her to discuss:

  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Suggested resource purchases
  • Library after hour bookings

Reading interests:

  • Contemporary literary fiction


Liz is a teacher librarian who specialises in:

  • Collaborative teaching opportunities
  • Reading Enrichment
  • Library displays

Reading interests include:

  • Contemporary young adult fiction



Julie is a teacher librarian who specialises in:

  • Development and delivery of collaborative teaching opportunities
  • LibGuides
  • Reading Enrichment

Reading interests include:

  • Dystopian, zombies and end of the world fiction
  • Science fiction and horror
  • Books made into movies and TV series


Kelly is our Library Technician. She specialises in:

  • ClickView and Library Management Systems
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Borrower assistance

Reading interests include:

  • Contemporary crime fiction
  • Thrillers


Lothar is our Library Assistant. He specialises in:

  • Display and promotional materials
  • Borrower service

Reading interests include:

  • Graphic art
  • Sport


How do I book?

All of our library areas and teacher librarians are bookable using Hale Ute. Get in early and remember to book an area as well as a TL if you plan to need both. A courtesy email to the appropriate TL is much appreciated so we can prepare and pre-select resources. We are available to visit your classroom if that more appropriate to the task.

Can you suggest something for me to read?

Glad you asked! Click here for our latest staff reading suggestions. These lists come out at the end of every term. Plus if you need some more personalised suggestions ask any library staff. You could also use our latest reader's advisory service - NoveList (See below).

New items arrive regularly so make sure you visit us to browse the Recent Arrival shelves. We can make you a proper coffee when you visit.

Reader's advice:

NoveList, is our newest resource. It is the complete readers' advisory solution, engages readers and connects communities. Do you find it difficult to find READ-ALIKES? Similar authors? Similar titles? This is the solution.

Do you have online encyclopaedias?

Online encyclopaedias are great for short, concise and reliable topic overviews. Ready made citations are available which are a huge bonus for all those pesky citations your boys will have to provide.

  • Variety of reading levels
  • Quality resources including text, images, videos and ‘Web’s Best Sites’
  • Read aloud facility
  • Size your font up or down
  • Ready-made citation


Access online encyclopaediae through the Hale Portal under Library:

What about online news and magazine articles?

Access these through the

Hale Portal—Library—Online Databases

Huge digital collections including:

Full text from reference books

Non-fiction books

Magazines & newspapers


Television and radio transcripts

Photographs and maps

Specialist collections include:

 Opposing Viewpoints Centre

Science Reference Centre

Literature Resource Centre

You can sort your results by publication, full text versions and even date. 

There is a list of online tutorials specific to the databases or ask Forrest Library staff to give you a quick overview. Advanced searches may help you refine your search terms further. You may also be able to download the content to access later as well as an audio version to share with your students. Most online databases will have the ability to filter and sort your searches e.g. by date, by document type, by full text etc.

Search EBSCOhost online database:

Research databases
Limit Your Results

Points of View Reference Centre

Points of View Reference Centre:
  • presents multiple sides of an argument
  • aimed at helping students develop persuasive arguments
  • provides overviews of controversial issues

Tick the "Full Text" box if you need the full article and not just a brief summary.

Australian/NZ Points of View
Limit Your Results

One-stop Search

Research databases
Limit Your Results
Google Web Search


Can you help me with a list of suitable resources?

Ask us to collate a LibGuide to support your students' learning. A LibGuide is a collection of resources (both print and digital) linking your students directly to quality library & external resources most relevant to a specific topic, inquiry or subject. 

Some recent examples include:

Where are the videos stored?

ClickView Online is a Cloud-based video platform that extends the reach of the ClickView resource beyond your local  network.

Thousands of educational videos for schools

ClickView Interactive Videos enable teachers to create active learning experiences by adding questions or adding extension reading materials. This encourages students to engage more deeply with the selected video. In kind, students can add comments to video clips which can then be shared to their teacher.

ClickView records 18 free-to-air TV channels, the programmes are  available minutes after they have aired for 14 days, giving you plenty of time to add them to your library and your lesson plans. Limited Foxtel content is also available.

Create a playlist and share with students. Can upload your own content. Flexible and available 24/7.

Sign on using your Hale email and password

Click here for Free Training Resources For Educators

Reference Generator

It is important for your students to provide evidence of using a variety of reliable resources. Get them to use the online Reference Generator available through the Portal to create citations. Hale uses the Harvard Referencing System. Feel free to ask us to visit your classroom to demonstrate bibliography construction basics.

Click here for a Hale School guide to referencing