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10EN - Protest Poetry Magazine Creation: Home

Some tips for the creation of your digital magazine


Complete your research, analysis and creation of your poem ‘in the style of…’

Suggest you have a good selection of images saved into your OneNote before you start mocking up your magazine. Check out other digital magazines for layouts and design ideas.

We should be covered under the fair use for Education purposes but many Google images may not be legally copied by you. You should refer to the Copyright Council of Australia for the latest information. Select education free use sources whenever possible:

There’s lots of others…so look.




  1. Create magazine. Spell check. Review design elements
  2. Save final copy as a PDF
  3. Register on FlipSnack (may need to verify from email sent to from FlipSnack)
  4. Sign in to FlipSnack
  5. Click 'Upload'
  6. 'Browse' to your PDF
  7. Allow 'Upload' to complete
  8. Press 'Next'
  9. Press 'Publish' - 'Public'
  10. Browse through your magazine. If ready, copy the URL and send this to your teacher with the name of your poet, movement and your name as its author



Using your notes construct a visual, informative and engaging document. Each of your headings deserves a section or two in your ‘digital magazine’.  Your poem should be the centre piece so it deserves supportive images and graphics.


HINT: Use the software you are most familiar with and skilled in.

PUBLISHER: This is the software specifically designed for desktop publishing. Check out the available newsletter templates as a starting point. Add more pages if you need them.  (Sample template here)

POWERPOINT: This is also a useful option as you can customize the slides to be A4 and many Hale students are very familiar with the software.

Once you have your 15 pages (max) magazine you will need to save this as a PDF before you upload to FlipSnack.


FlipSnack is everything you need to easily publish captivating online magazines, transforming your pdfs into online flipbooks. It works and looks great across all digital platforms, engaging your readers with interactive experiences and making it easy to engage and inform others via the pages of your digital publication.

FlipSnack provides the free upload of a maximum 15 pdf pages that can be shared with your teacher via a unique link. NOTE: As other people are able to read your work when you load it to this site, you might prefer not to use your name on the booklet.

When you upload a publication to FlipSnack, be sure to read their Terms of Service as you are agreeing to these. You must be uploading original material that does not infringe copyright laws.


1. You will need to register. Click on the big button that says: Make a Flipping Book.

2. Choose to sign in with email. Select a username (WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU DON’T USE YOUR FULL NAME - MAYBE FIRST NAME AND INITIAL OF SURNAME) and enter the details. Fill out the details and choose a password you can remember. Use your Hale email address.

3. An email will be sent to you which you will need to reply to it to properly activate your account.

4. Follow instructions on the screen to complete the signup.

You will need to send your unique URL for your ‘digital magazine’ to your teacher when your magazine is due.


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