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10EN - Protest Poetry - Search Suggestions: Home

Online encyclopaedias:

Online encyclopaedias are great for short, concise and correct information. Search by your poet's name or poetry movement.

  • Variety of reading levels
  • Quality resources including text, images, videos and ‘Web’s Best Sites’
  • Read aloud facility
  • Size your font up or down
  • Ready-made citation

  • Easy-to-understand articles
  • Built-in research tool
  • Text-to-speech tool can read aloud

USERNAME = haleschool  PASSWORD = library

  • Most articles include a list of trusted websites
  • Citation included for each article
  • You may need to return to Portal Encyclopaedias to find the login details
  • Read aloud facility

Forrest catalogue:

Use general search terms to find information books about your author, poetry movement and the time period that inspired their protest poetry:


Weblinks is a collection of quality resources selected by educators to support students. Search for your poet or poetry movement e.g. romantics.

Online databases:

A online collection of magazine and newspaper articles as well as interview transcripts, images and videos. You can sort your results by publication, full text versions and even date. Online databases are available through the portal and many require specific login details.

Both EBSCO and Gale INFOTRAC have specialized literature databases so it may be best to use these first. 

Advanced Google searches:

Make sure you use Advanced Google or try out Google modifiers.Some common modifiers include:

"exact phrase"

Exact phrase: Use specific search terms with quotation marks. This tells Google the words must sit right next to each other as opposed to anywhere on the page. N.B. Google doesn’t care about capitals.



Alternative terms: Searches for web pages with either word. This tells Google to give your any page with either of these words on the page. (BROADENS YOUR SEARCH)


e.g. racism OR inequity OR discrimination

Similar words: Searches for a word and all its synonyms (similar words). Google will attempt to search for any pages with alternatives for your word.


e.g. ~protest will search for  pages with similar words like;  change, addition, alteration, modification, variation etc

Google search:

Google Web Search

Reference Generator:

It is important you show your teacher you used a variety of reliable resources. Use the online Reference Generator available through the Portal to create your citations. Make sure you alphabetically sort them afterwards.

A sample bibliography for 3 resources suggested on this page would look like:

Australian Poetry Library n.d., University of Sydney, New South Wales, accessed 1 November 2016, <>.

Famous Poets and Poems 2010, accessed 1 November 2016, <>.

The Poetry Archive 2016, England, accessed 1 November 2016, <>.