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Information literacy

Asian Food Safari


A famous chef is planning to open a new Asian restaurant in Perth and wants you to research what dishes he should include on his menu. Ideally he wants to showcase traditional dishes but he may also consider modern Australian versions of these Asian dishes as well.

Prepare an informative and interesting PowerPoint focused on the traditional and contemporary food of one Asian country. Discuss the influences on the country's cuisine of:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Religion

Describe one signature dish from your country. Comparing its traditional recipe with any modern Australian version explaining any obvious differences. Explain how this dish has travelled to Australia and become part of our culture.

South East Asian Chef

Chef Wan

Chef Wan is probably one of the most iconic celebrity chefs in Asia. With more than 20 years of experience, the former accountant has been well-loved as a chef, TV host, writer and actor. He is also Food Ambassador to Tourism Malaysia.




South East Asia

Hale School 2015