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8RAVE - Charles Darwin: Home

An introduction the life and times of Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution

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Charles Darwin Mystery:

Why was Charles Darwin the ‘most dangerous man in England’ in 1859? A mystery to be solved. A table-top activity for pairs of pupils who sort the cards and begin to build possible answers to the question. Can be used as a lead activity to a short study of Darwin and religious thinking in the middle of the C19th. Can be linked to Creationism and schools of today. Teacher in role as Darwin and/or FitzRoy can extend the thinking. 

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Online encyclopaedias are great for short, concise and correct information.

  • Variety of reading levels
  • Quality resources including text, images, videos and ‘Web’s Best Sites’
  • Read aloud facility
  • Size your font up or down
  • Ready-made citation

  • Easy-to-understand articles
  • Built-in research tool

Suggested articles include:

Clickview - Did Darwin Kill God?

Did Darwin Kill God?: Philosopher and theologian Dr Conor Cunningham talks to some of the world's eminent evolutionary biologists, geneticists and philosophers to examine whether the latest advances in evolutionary theory do in fact kill our belief in God.

Clickview - Darwin's Dangerous Idea - Part 1-3

Darwin's Dangerous Idea: British political journalist Andrew Marr examines the dramatic impact that Charles Darwin's work has had on today's religious, scientific and social debates.

TrueTube - Evolution - God to Science

In the past we believed that God created the world. Nowadays most people believe that evolution brought us to where we are today. Science has taken over, but where is it going? With all our scientific advancements, are humans starting to play God?

David Attenborough on religion and evolution co-exisiting

Reference Generator

It is important that you show your teacher you used a variety of reliable resources. Use the online Reference Generator available through the Portal to create your citations. Make sure you alphabetically sort them afterwards.

A sample bibliography for 3 resources provided on this page would look like:

Charles Darwin 2017. Britannica School. Retrieved 21 November 2017, from

Strathern, P 1998, Darwin & evolution  , Arrow, London.

Washington Post 2015, David Attenborough on religion and evolution coexisting, 10 May, accessed 21 November 2017, <>.