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8EN - Picture Book Creation: Home

Create your own picture book narrative based on an issue of sustainability, including illustrations hand drawn or computer generated. The story requires between 750-1000 words with supporting images, graphics and design elements to engage readers.


Task One: To research an issue of sustainability and deliver an oral presentation explaining the issue and how you intend to construct a narrative around it.

Provide a simple overview of your chosen sustainability issue. Online encyclopaedia would be ideal as this information is concise and correct. You can also choose your reading level i.e. middle school or if not enough information go up one level to senior school content. You are aiming to provide a clear overview of your issue so think What? When? Where? Why? How? and Who?. Present your findings in a well designed PowerPoint.

You must also clearly state how your picture book storyline is connected to your sustainability issue.


Task Two: To write a narrative on a sustainability issue and to present it as a picture book.

You have studied Home and Away by John Marsden and Matt Ottley, answered a set of questions and have attended an incursion that has drawn your attention to the issue of refugees and the way it has been presented by the writer and illustrator, through narrative and illustrations. You will be choosing an issue of sustainability and will be constructing a picture book that will present your issue through narrative and illustration.  Your first task is to do some research on a sustainability issue that interests you – it can be associated with your ecological footprint or your social hand print.

Ecological footprint – things like water, energy, transport, air quality, biodiversity, and thinking about your purchasing.

Social hand print – things like Indigenous culture, cultural and social diversity, community partnerships, built environments and student well-being.

You need to think about things that have an impact our society now, that as a society we need to take action on. Your issue may be local, regional or global.




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