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9PVR - Cannabis Extended Argument: Cannabis

Argue FOR and AGAINST the statement - Recreational cannabis use should be legalized in Western Australia.


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Suggested Websites

Cannabis Facts 

This website gives informative links to answer all your questions. Developed by the NSW government. 

Cannabis Effects, Facts and Withdrawal Symptoms | Your Room (


Marijuana -Information from the US Government 

This US government website provides student lessons, activities, and lots of links for 

research and making informed decisions. 

Australian Drug and Alcohol

Australian Government Information website on drug and alcohol facts. 


What will this drug do to me?


Animated infographic on Marijuana use

EBSCO Australian/New Zealand : Points of View

Login to the Library portal and Online databases to access EBSCO: Points of View and source articles on the Legalization of Cannabis in WA.

EBSCO Australian/New Zealand : Points of View : Featured Websites

The West Australian Newspaper - Tues, 21st June, 2022


Marijuana & Health PDF (Downloadable from the Forrest Library Catalogue)

Once you are into the school catalogue look for the file to download link.

Twig Educational Videos

Sign into the school portal so you have access 


ClickView Educational Videos