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9 Exmouth: Barque Stefano

Barque Sefano


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Location: Mildura Wreck Road, Exmouth. The skeleton of the SS Mildura (1907 destroyed in cyclone) can be viewed from the beach at Lighthouse Bay.

Pearling town Cossack was first established in 1863 and known as Tien Tsin Harbour, although its name was changed in 1872, after a visit by Governor Weld who was travelling on the HMS Cossack.

Cape Range National Park Shipwreck Mildura exmouth Wreck of SS Mildura 1907 due to cyclone.

The two survivors were rescued by the local tribe, the Jinigudera, who nursed them back to health over a number of months before they were rescued off Bundegi Beach. After being taken to Fremantle the two raised funds to take gifts back to their rescuers.

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(The original painting by Ivankovic – Church of Our Lady of Mercy Museum, Dubrovnik)

The Rescue Scene with the Cutter Jessie


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The Rescue

For the next three months the two castaways were nursed to health by two North West tribes who led them, in time, to the tip of the North West Cape where they were discovered and picked up, on 18 April 1876, by Captain Charles Tuckey of Mandurah in his pearling cutter Jessie.