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9EN - Henry V: Home

A quick sample of resources that may help your understanding of this play written by William Shakespeare.

Henry V

Featured Print Resources

Forrest Library Information Books

LitCharts - Henry V

Includes a 'Chart Board'  which visualizes all of Henry V's themes and plot points on one page. Also includes:

Britannica Online Study Guide - Henry V

May need to sign onto Britannica through the Portal - Library - Encyclopaedias and then open the Henry V Study Guide.

Forrest Library DVDs

ClickView Videos

If you are accessing ClickView Online use your normal school username and password:

GCSE Bitesize

Includes revision, tests and videos on:

LibriVox audio - Henry V

This is a collection of public domain audio recordings of Henry V. You can stream or download.

University of Oxford - Podcast - Henry V

This lecture on Henry V is the second lecture in the Approaching Shakespeare series land at King Henry V, and asks whether his presentation in the play is entirely positive.

SparkNotes - Henry V

No fear Shakespeare puts Shakespeare's language side-by-side with a facing-page translation into modern English—the kind of English people actually speak today.

Penguin Teacher Guide to Henry V

This Penguin Henry V Teacher's Guide  is divided into several parts:

  • brief literary overview, including a synopsis and commentary on the play
  • suggestions for teaching the play, including activities, discussion questions, and essay topics to be used
  • before, during, and after reading of the play
  • ideas to extend the students’ learning beyond the play, including ways to address its themes, ideas for teaching literary analysis, techniques for using the play as a bridge to other works, and ways to use the play as part of an interdisciplinary study

Reference Generator

It is important to show your teacher you used a variety of reliable resources. Use the online Reference Generator available through the Portal to create your citations. Make sure you alphabetically sort them afterwards.

A sample bibliography for 3 resources listed on this page would look like:

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